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My name is Astarte Flame (Flame for short) and I was born on 25th May 2005, I live  with my mum and quite often I drive her mad, nipping and wanting to play with her, when all she really wants to do is lie in her bed in front of the fire, I think she is lazy and I let her know by nipping at her back legs to get her to play with me but it doesn’t always work and I get into trouble and told off  from everybody!  Even though I am now 2 yrs old, I still nip my mum’s back legs and run away, it’s great fun.

I have started showing and so far it’s great fun and I have received pretty ribbons for my efforts.

I am now a new mum with 7 beautiful babies -2 boys and 5 girls, who have gone to there new homes, and I hope they  will all do well.

One of my girls  girls has become a champion in her own right, but they have all gone to loving homes and are very happy.

Lots of love  From Mum x