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Born 9th  September 2014

Omorose Cleo’s Destiny -

Ch. Lyncris Sun King of Rayempet

Omorse Hasina

Omorose Hammu

Omorose Hey

Omorose Hotep Born for Rubasu

Omorose  Hesi

Born 2nd March 2009

Omorose Astarte Flame -

Ir. CH Ankors Ernutet at Birkhall

Omorose Calypso’s Sunset

Omorose Chaotic Victory

Omorose Classic Warrior

Omorose Cleo’s Destiny

Ch. Omorose Cosmic Kaskara

Omorose Crowning Glory

Omorose Crystal Refections

Born 15th July 2006

Ezhar Emblematic - Ch Barab Bronze Buchephulus

 Ch. Omorose Badia Bushra

Omorose Bashira Sun

Omorose Bahiti Fame

Omorose Bakari Born

Omorose Bebiti Child

Omorose Behdeti Legend

Omorose Bennu Child

Omorose Bomani Boy

Born 25th May 2005

Ezhar Emblematic -Ch. Barab Bronze Buchephalus

Omorose Akita Girl

Omorose Akins Soul

Omorose Amunet Dream

Omorose Anippe Stream

Omorose Anum Boy

Omorose Apophis Lord

Omorose Astarte Flame

Omorose Aten Fire

Omorose Auset Gem


Owned by :-

David and Adrienne Belshaw


Co-Owned by:-

Claire Hindley-Sheila McDonald-Danny Martyn


Owned by:-

Barbara Brooker